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Hair Care

The Hair Care is a systematic guide to get beautiful hair with vitality and enjoy the gloss does not suffer from common problems such as the haunting

Embrittlement \ precipitation \ Alheihan \ dandrffe \ drought \ slow growth \ the growing ripples etc.

Proper care starting from the stage of washing the hair and combing through Baltnchev and contain pigment and the individual operations and the work of masks and mixtures, etc.

Here, we'll come to each stage separately to explain how to do each phase correctly explain adequately and Simdna experts fruit of Darassathm and experience the secrets of proper care for healthy hair, because any mistake we are doing in any of these stages succeed adverse effects accumulate without the know show later as problems remain that we have, And begin to engage in the various cycles of treatments that do not benefit in most cases, but it is harmful in some cases.

First: The correct ways of hair care

  1. How washing and drying and combing hair
  2. Daily care

Second: Famoust disease and the problems of hair types \ causes \ treatment \ methods of prevention

  1. Hair loss
  2. Dandruff
  3. Dehydration and curling
  4. Embrittlement and Alheihan
  5. Weakness and slow growth


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